Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh, Canada

Oh, what a terrible morning! I have dental surgery scheduled at 8:30…which means that I can't have any coffee till much later in the day. I have a cup of hot water and honey in front of me, but it's a poor substitute for a cup of coffee. The surgery doesn't bother me at all, but the lack of caffeine is inhuman.

Truth is, I have been trying to slow down my caffeine consumption recently and have switched to tea in the mornings. The coffee pot has been unused for the past 4 days now. What difference will it make? I'm not sure, but it seems like a healthy thing to do.

And looking at the news… I see that we (Americans) have been far too wrapped up in our own domestic problems to even notice our neighbors. Canada is experiencing a domestic crisis of their own. Maybe more than one; their Conservative party, led by Prime Minister Harper, is trying to suspend the government for a period because it seems things aren't going their way. That would bother me. Anytime I hear about a 'conservative' messing with the government, I'm naturally suspicious. Financially, there is definitely a crunch because almost all of those fancy American cars and trucks have their beginnings in Canada. When we stop producing vehicles, Canada suffers as well.


  1. It's actually kind of exciting, what's going on here in Canada. A couple of days ago I heard a commentator say that Harper (the Conservative PM) has done amazing things in his short career, not only has he succeeded in uniting the Right but he has also succeeded in uniting the Left. Something no politician anywhere has accomplished, I think. Kudos to the man!

    Those of us on the Right are appalled, those of us on the Left are positively gleeful. As for shutting down Parliament, well Harper is talking to the GG right now about that, but as Dion (Liberal leader) says, You can run, but you can't hide!

  2. Thanks, Anne... I knew you would have a clarifying comment on it.

  3. Good luck with the dental surgery and I feel your pain about the caffeine!