Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rest of the Story

Boo the Cat is a glutton for punishment! I've won every round of Cat Wrestling this morning and she still insists on going another round. 'OK, 6 falls out of 10. And then you have to take a nap.'

I have to rethink my position on loans to failing businesses. Some businesses. And it's based on my feeling that GM and Chrysler are not failing as much as they are mismanaged. They won't go out of business; they will be sold. There will be a time of layoffs and then production will begin again. There are plenty of automakers around the world that would love to buy them out. And no, they won't pack up the plant and take it somewhere else. Almost all of the worlds automakers have plants here already but they aren't large enough to handle the vacuum created by the closing of GM and Chrysler, so they will remain open. The auto industry is already global; Buick is one of the more popular cars made in China, so we're too late if we think we're going to keep GM as a national 'treasure.'

Billions spent to bailout GM/Chrysler would be better spent on a thousand small businesses where there is a real peril of employees losing everything if the business fails.

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