Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tea For One?

I must go see the dentist early this morning, so I'm supposed to be caffeine-free. No tea for me! I will have to use hot water and honey to energize myself. Maybe the headlines will wake me up?

The first headline was not a headline. "Chrysler Halts Manufacturing". If my memory serves me right, most auto manufacturers used to idle their plants at this time of year. But then I read more of the story and came across these reassuring words, "A disorganized failure, disorganized bankruptcy or disorderly bankruptcy ... could cause great harm to the economy, beyond that which we're now witnessing. And that concerns me," Bush said. "And the other point is that, I'm not interested in ... really putting good money after bad." Asked when he will decide the auto question, the president replied: "I'm thinking through, you know, it needs to get done relatively soon."

Best I can tell, Bush is on top of things. A voice of reason and assurance. We won't have any disorganized failures if he has anything to say about it.

Then I read Time Goes By for this morning and was reminded that the headlines are not telling the stories that really matter. Stories of ordinary citizens who haven't had the luxury of an 'organized' financial failure.

Time Goes By link

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