Saturday, February 14, 2009

Has anyone seen ‘it’?

The fire is going well and Boo the Cat is well situated in front of it. I am turning on the furnace just long enough to send a blast of warm air through the colder parts of the house to stir up the chilly air. And just as I typed that… I noted that once again, I'm leaving small words out of my sentences. Words such as 'it' and 'if', sometimes 'in' or 'to'. Not in my spoken sentences, just those I type. I can hear myself 'saying' them in my mind as I type, but they never make it onto the page. So if you notice any of those words missing, please insert the correct word for me. Thank you.

So, I am thinking that this 'small word' problem is associated with aging or it's a misplaced trust in my computer. I may be thinking that my computer is smart enough to see a word missing and correct it. Wrong! So this really is an idea in need of an inventor, a software genius. Imagine a program that would allow you to talk directly to the word processor and just let your thoughts flow. Stream of consciousness. And when you have run out of ideas, click on some icon that would tell the program to assemble all of that verbiage into something readable. Perhaps you could even pick literary styles? Hemingway or Koontz. OK, I get 10% if this idea ever comes to market.


  1. I think this program already exists.... I know there is one that you can talk and it will type what you say.

  2. I'd settle for a program that would just figure out what I was trying to say, but the resulting screen would be pretty empty.