Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Say No

I've been reading the almost constant criticism of Nadya Suleman, the mother of the octuplets, and I'm really quite tired of it all. Get over it! The babies are here and if you think punishing Nadya will do anything to change that fact, you're an idiot. Work on changing the rules that make such things possible. While at the same time, still providing the care that that is needed for those without resources. That's what we're supposed to do, take care of one another. That's what makes us human.

And it really bothers me that these complainers are the same people that allow; even welcome their representatives in the halls of government to rip them off for millions. Can you say 'Iraq'?


  1. This woman is guilty of child abuse in it's purest form. She deserves to be ripped apart, and then maybe it won't be as glamourous to have a boatload of kids. She disgusts me.

  2. Apparently you're not over it...