Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let it Pour!

Life goes on. I'm walking and talking, whispering actually, and so I must be alive this morning. Always a good thing. And outside the house it's storming; fierce wind and rain with more yet to come. I've let Boo the Cat in and we spent a few minutes together, stretching on the floor in front of the fire. Stretching seems to be one of those favorite 'cat' things that they do and so I've been trying it. It makes the early morning aches and pains go away for awhile. Smart cat. I have not tried scratching the furniture. Smart human.

Also smart is being inside this morning. I'm listening to the scanner and I hear reports of wind gusts to 40 mph and trees are starting to fall. We have the emergency lantern all ready to go and we have plenty of water as well. The woodstove is keeping us warm without using the forced air unit, so if the power goes out, we'll still be fine.

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