Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lucky Me

I'm back from a short day at the hospital and oh, do I hurt! It was simple enough surgery, an umbilical hernia repair and that's a laparoscopic procedure with a minimal incision. Even so, I've been taking Lortabs every 3 to 4 hours for the pain. Of course that makes me a very dull boy.

I can truthfully say that I had a good time at the hospital. Lots of funny people and everyone was enjoying themselves, even the patients. Sample; as I was being wheeled into the OR, I was introduced to everyone. We didn't shake hands but we gave each other a wave and a 'hello'. (Should I have given everyone a 'high five' instead?) Then the anesthetist called for volunteers; "Can I get a volunteer over here to give Mr. Dunn some oxygen? Anyone? Anyone?" Someone stepped over to do the job and the anesthetist responded, "OK. We have a volunteer! Very good! Diane will be giving oxygen today…"

I don't remember much after that so I'm assuming that the frivolity ceased when the surgeon began his work. But, I could be wrong.

An oddity; everyone involved in my care was quite nice, but I thought it was odd that almost everyone, including the anesthetist, told me the same thing; "Good luck with your surgery today." Luck? Now that was scary! Because I don't have good luck. I don't win lotteries and I don't win door prizes, so I was really hoping that skill was involved and not luck. At least the surgeon didn't tell me that, but I suppose he could have had his fingers crossed behind his back and he might have had a rabbit's foot in his pocket. Sterile of course.


  1. Kitty8:38 AM

    Glad it all turned out. I forgot about your surgery and I worried when I saw no post yesterday. Glad you are back

  2. Maybe they inserted a 'lucky' rabbit's foot.

  3. Good that all went well. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Just read this three weeks later -- hope you have recovered nicely!

    -- Laurie @ Foolery

  5. Thanks for the kind words... all is well, though it is a terrible burden to possess the world's finest navel. But, someone has to do it!