Thursday, February 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

Life goes on. And it looks like we have a few days to dry out around here before the next storm. And that will give me a chance to clean the ashes out of the wood stove. I stopped feeding wood into it yesterday, so it should be easy to clean it today. And then the next, and supposedly wetter, system will arrive over the weekend. I haven't read the precipitation totals yet, but I imagine we're seeing an impact on our drought status.

Looking at the news from yesterday, I read that Eric Holder, our Attorney General gave a speech at the Justice Department and told it like it is regarding 'race relations' and ruffled all sorts of political feathers. That's what happens when the truth is told. And how refreshing it is to hear the truth now and then!

And after looking at the news of California's tax impasse, I was definitely ready to read the latest column from Rosa Brooks. Ack! Politicians…a pox on all of their houses! Perhaps I should go back to bed…

Link to Holder'sSpeech

Link to Special Weather Statement

Link to Rosa Brooks

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