Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Primer

Now that California has a budget, sort of, it's time to see what damage has been wrought. And since the Republicans held the budget hostage for over 4 months, any necessary tax increases have been gutted from it. Way to go! (clueless b&/#*@$s!)

From what I've read so far, the average school classroom will lose about $11,000 over the school year. How many classrooms in a school? Let's say 20 classrooms; that means a loss of $220,00 dollars for my hypothetical school. No problem! Just have a bake sale… a quarter million dollar bake sale.

Of course I have a better solution than cookies and banana bread; I say that the teachers should all quit. En masse. It's obvious that they aren't valued and why would they want to work where they are treated so shabbily?

I did some looking around and found these numbers; median wages for elementary school teachers is $47,600. And for a construction superintendent, the median wage is $66,000. These numbers will be higher in California. A good superintendent can make a six figure salary in Los Angeles or San Francisco. And without a college degree of any kind! Teachers? Nope, you have to have your degree.

I know that people love to complain about the teachers and how they aren't doing a good job. But then again, you do get what you pay for, don't you? If you pay the best, you can demand the best. Simple. I happen to know that is the same argument that California university presidents use to justify their half million dollar salaries (and more!).

OK, enough said, that's my solution; the teachers need to quit and let the conservatives handle the problem. Hey! Maybe the teachers could all go to Sacramento and hand over the classroom keys to a legislator?

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