Friday, February 13, 2009

Quote From Andy

"Democrats (I think to myself) are liberals who believe the people are basically good, but that they need government help to organize their lives. They believe in freedom so fervently that they think it should be compulsory. They believe that the poor and ignorant are victims of an unfair system and that their circumstances can be improved if we give them help. Republicans (I think to myself) are conservatives who think it would be best if we faced the fact that people are no damned good. They think that if we admit that we have selfish, acquisitive natures and then set out to get all we can for ourselves by working hard for it, that things will be better for everyone. They are not insensitive to the poor, but tend to think the poor are impoverished because they won't work. They think there would be fewer of them to feel sorry for if the government did not encourage the proliferation of the least fit among us with welfare programs."

I have always liked what Andy Rooney had to say. And yes, I'm in a mood. But…the truth is somewhere in the middle.

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  1. That's where the truth has a permanent residence, somewhere in the middle.

    It does vacation to the outer borders, occasionally, I hear. ;)

    -- Laurie @ Foolery