Monday, February 23, 2009

Uplifted at last

I have the window open this morning, inviting in a cooling breeze, as the wood stove has performed too well. It was 76 in here when I woke up. I wish we had a more efficient wood heater, one with a thermostat and one that burned wood pellets as well…but, since the Depression has ravaged our discretionary funds, that purchase won't be made anytime soon. It's the same with our bathroom remodeling plan. It's back on the shelf.

Yes, I called it a Depression and with an upper case D. Gotta call it what it is! No, it's not the Great Depression, but it certainly has the potential. And all this financial destruction has come to us with the compliments of the recently departed administration. Way to go!

Depressions are so…so, so depressing! I need to find something positive in the news this morning and hang onto it.

How about this quote? Is this positive or what?

"If we give the money to the widows, they will spend it unwisely because they are uneducated and they don't know about budgeting. But if we find her a husband, there will be a person in charge of her and her children for the rest of their lives."
MAZIN al-SHIHAN, director of a city agency in Baghdad, on his plan to pay men to marry Iraqi war widows.
(it never occurred to him that education might be the better answer?)

Isn't it wonderful to know that we have made a real difference in that country?

Well, perhaps that wasn't all that uplifting. I'll look some more…

How about this? I just read Paul Krugman's op-ed piece on nationalizing the banks and I would have to say, why not? But, even though the idea has great merit and would be fair to you and I, the taxpayer that is bailing out the banks, the conservatives would have a field day with this proposal. To arms! To arms! The socialists are coming!

OK, moving on; that wasn't much more uplifting than the previous news item, so I'll keep looking.

Here it is! FOX news came up with it…an article all about what kind of food is being consumed in the White House. That's the kind of news we can't live without and we can always trust FOX news to find it for us.

Link to Krugman article

Link to FOX news?

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