Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What if, indeed!

Also on a different subject; I was reading once again about the dilemma the newspapers face as readers/subscribers disappear. And a whole lot that problem can be laid at the door of the newspapers themselves. They refused to believe in the technology that would replace them. Some still do.

I remember posting something about electronic media a few years ago; epaper to be exact. The technology is here and now, it's just the news media that hasn't bought into it.

Imagine; on your kitchen table is a thin and flexible piece of plastic film, just the size and weight of a newspaper. On the face of it, are today's headline stories. Black ink on white. These stories were downloaded via a wireless connection and subscription. Press on an icon displayed at the lower right hand side of the film and the display changes to the reverse side of that first page. Move on; now you begin to see advertising. Just like the old days. And don't forget the comics! You can flip pages back and forth electronically as often as you want. Or, you can follow a story immediately, without having to find it on page 14. Spill your orange juice? Wipe it off the display. What's not to like about this?

What if…newspapers had put their money and their clout into this technology? They still could.

ps Another bonus; even the smallest of newspapers could afford this. Sell the printing press and buy a computer.

Link to epaper


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  1. The only paper I read on paper is our local which is not online. I read the La Times, NY Times, Wash Post, etc. -- all online.