Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Checking it out

I've been debating with myself regarding the purchase of an eBook reader and I think I just lost. Or won. Either way, I'm not buying one in the foreseeable future. Until I can freely give my eBook away to a friend, just as I would the printed version, there doesn't seem to be much value to an eBook. I'm not against rewarding authors for their talents, I just want the eBook I buy to behave like a real book. What's wrong with that?

Sony comes close with their version of a reader as they allow you to register 5 names for you to freely distribute copies to. And what do you do if you have 6 friends? I suppose you could create a book circle that would solve that problem.

And then I did a quick search of the EBook dot com website and found that buying eBooks is a lot more complicated than going to the library. And expensive. Here's the specifications for a featured book (A book I checked out at the library last year) and they want $8 for it.

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