Monday, March 23, 2009


Life goes on. And I miscalculated. It was such a nice day yesterday, though a bit windy, that I neglected to build the fire in the woodstove that I promised to do. Now it's down to 65 in the house and I need to take the chill off. This will require the services of Pacific Gas and Electric…and not for free!

I do believe that this last gasp of winter is just that; the last. The forecast is calling for sunny skies and much warmer temps for the next week. It's garden time!

And as is my habit, I read Time Goes By this morning… and I was shocked! Ronni Bennett has a post on Social Security and the war against it. I was amazed at the number of people who are quite willing to throw it away…for what? Are they convinced that all will be well when they reach retirement age? Why would they believe that? The debacle of the past year should have shown them the folly of privatization. And those leading the fight against Social Security are those who will never need it. I know the right wingnuts are trying desperately to demonize the word 'entitlement' these days and Social Security is an entitlement. You and I are 'entitled' to those benefits because we pay for them. To take them away is theft…pure and simple.

Link to Time Goes By

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