Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Health of Nations

From The American Prospect:

"A 2003 study found that the median wait time for elective surgeries in Canada was a little more than four weeks, while diagnostic tests took about three (with no wait times to speak of for emergency surgeries). By contrast, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development data from 2001 found that 32 percent of American patients waited more than a month for elective surgery, and 5 percent waited more than four months."

Me? I'm currently waiting 6 weeks before I can see a surgeon and ask for a second opinion. The first opinion? Also 6 weeks. In fact, 6 weeks seems to be the standard waiting time for any of the appointments I've made during the past year; except for the family physician, who doesn't treat me but refers me to the 6 weeker's instead.

And I can't count the number of times that misinformed folks have told me ( in all sincerity) how glad they were that we didn't have the medical care problems that the Canadians and Brits have...

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  1. That's an interesting article, the author really did his homework! I am impressed by his take on the VHA, looks like the US government could learn a thing or two right at home, never mind what other countries are doing.

    I particularly like the crafty statistics: Canadians face a median wait of 4 weeks, 32% of Americans wait 1 month! Uh, will that be apples or oranges?

    Hope you get your second opinion while it's still worthwhile!