Monday, March 30, 2009

I’m Awake

Life goes on. And I'm awake and vertical once more. That's always good. And the national news is pretty good as well, with President Obama being very firm with the companies that we now own, GM and Chrysler. I can only hope that he takes the same approach with the failed banks that we own. It's time to clean house. Does that sound like socialism? I hope so.

Yesterday I found these two disparate quotations and just have to share them here.

The denunciation of the young is a necessary part of the hygiene of older people, and greatly assists in the circulation of their blood.
  - Logan Pearsall Smith

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
  - Thomas Jefferson

The last one is the more relevant while the first is simply fun. And the two together gave me a chance to use the Recycled Word of the Day, Disparate. A great word and it can replace all sorts of modern words.


  1. I certainly believe Jefferson, and I love the Smith quote, going to have to find an appropriate moment to use it!

  2. Isn't that a great one? I may have to find me a piece of wood and a wood burner to etch that into the wood and then some chain to hang it by the front porch...