Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Match Made in Heaven

Life goes on. The fire is freshly stoked with a nice piece of almond and Boo the Cat is happy! Rolling on the floor in front of the woodstove and stretching out to her full cat length, she luxuriates in the warmth. And I'm envious; she has a master caretaker servant for all of her wants and needs and you won't find her looking at the Wall Street news. She really doesn't care about the current financial storm. Piffle!

I just saw the headline Steele vs. Limbaugh, who's the head of the GOP? and of course I'm rooting for Rush. I first heard Rush Limbaugh about twenty years ago when he was a local radio comedian in the Sacramento market. He had a shtick that worked; poking fun at local celebrities and commenting on the local news stories. He was (and is) an entertainer. And everything he said was calculated to further his career. He was not a bold person who took unpopular positions because he believed in them, he took positions that would make him 'popular' and appear to be bold. It was (and is) all about the ratings. And he was funny. I used to listen every day. I looked forward to it. Until he became obsessed with himself and began to place a value on his words. "Wait a second, you're a comedian!" I said and started looking for something else to listen to on my drive.

So it's only right that I support Rush as the spokesman and 'Head of the Republican Party'. He's perfect for the job. He's certainly qualified; just ask him. In fact, the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh deserve one another.


  1. The Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh DO deserve each other!

  2. And if Rush has too many other commitments to take on the job, perhaps Sarah Palin could take it on. She's my second choice!