Friday, March 13, 2009

No Party For Me

I was just reading about the New American Tea Party and although it sounds good on the surface…it's just more uninformed ranting. If we're going to protest to our government, we can't use slogans, or tea bags, we need facts. Fact; earmarks are not created equal. Some are necessary, but Republicans would have you believe that they are all evil. Fact; not all who lost their homes by default were greedy. Some were victims of high pressure sales tactics from the real greedy people, the mortgage brokers. Some lost their homes because they joined the huge crowd of unemployed. It's true, not all are as bright as you are and sometimes people can be conned, with disastrous results. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Does mortgage default make them bad people? Or victims? Fact; we are not the highest taxed nation. Not even close. And yes, we do need to pay higher taxes if we want the things we apparently love. But, we are also a nation where more than 70% of the corporations pay NO taxes at all. What if someone did something about that? The company I retired from did some perfectly legal shuffling and became a different type of corporation (sub-chapter S…?) and avoided paying $6 million dollars a year. Now who do you think ended up paying for that $6 million shortfall? Was it another corporation where they weren't quite as smart? Or was it you? I think it was you. And me.

But…I can see the handwriting on the wall. The slogans and ranting will win the day and intelligent discourse will fail, again.

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