Thursday, March 12, 2009

Once Again

I had one of those random memories yesterday. The name Alcide 'Slow Drag' Pavageau came floating by and I grabbed it. Then the rest of the memories fell into place. Alcide was a sideman with George Lewis in the Bunk Johnson Jazz band and his good friend. In the 50's the band became George Lewis's when Bunk retired and I have a George Lewis album from that time.

I became interested in Lewis because of my friendship with a fellow student, Mike Buffett. We were still in high school but had plans to work our way to New Orleans where Mike could perfect his own clarinet skills and I would do whatever…I think art of some kind was somewhere in my muddled plans. And the two of us had become fascinated by New Orleans because Mike's older brother, Richard, had spent a year there, painting jazz musicians…but wait…

Suddenly, my memory became quite clear…I had written about this time once before. In one of my other blogs.

Link to Alcide Pavageau

Link to George Lewis

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