Friday, March 6, 2009

A Problem and a Commentary

What's the story about paying for the uninsured? We don't like some people? Especially the poor and disadvantaged? We hope they die?


  1. The Opinionated Granddaughter9:26 AM

    I'd love to know how many of these people taking this poll made over $125,000 a year. I make nothing even close to that number, but I don't think taxing that kind of income will do ANYTHING to stimulate the economy, nor encourage the creation of jobs. And what do the parties have to do with anything? Feeding the fire of party politics...

  2. Dear Opinionated Granddaughter; Actually, it was $250,000 and you're even further away from that number. Of course the taxing won't create jobs, it will only make those who make a LOT of money pay their share, which they haven't done in quite awhile. We've already proven that tax cuts don't create jobs. It's taken us 20+ plus years since reagan came up with that nonsense to prove him wrong. But prove it we did! The proof is seen today in every job that went overseas.

    The line about Parties only shows the current thinking from those who subscribe to the Party Process. But since you and I don't subscribe, I guess it's irrelevant.

    But...I love your opinion. Everyone should have one!