Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sail On

Life goes on. It's the first day of the Daylight Savings Season and so the first thing I have to do this morning is change all of the clocks. These are the same clocks we reset last week when the power failed for a minute. Maybe I should just leave them alone this year? They will be correct again in the fall and I can do the math in my head. The clock says 2 – it's really 3. No big deal. Or, maybe we have too many clocks? We could throw them all away, or sell them and just use the one on the computer; the one clock that knows what time it really is, 24/7.

The second thing I have to do is to let Boo the Cat in and throw another log on the fire. Grab the second cup of tea while I'm at it. And I should take a moment to appreciate the bright moonlight that is illuminating our corner of the world. I remember there being some talk about creating a huge artificial moon that would hang high above us in geosynchronous orbit, illuminating a single continent every night; ours. I like that idea! Just think of all the new songs that would have to be written, because we couldn't call it the 'moon', we would have to come up with a name for it. Something that didn't rhyme with June or Spoon.

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