Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Ranting

I was reading the last chapter of Thomas Friedman's book, Hot, Flat and Crowded and noted two different but shocking facts; one, a solar panel manufacturer in Europe is going to be doing all of the engineering and development in Europe and is outsourcing the assembly work to America because of the lower pay. An engineer said, "You are the new 'India'". Two, the energy sector in America, that's the power companies…spend less than 1% of revenue for research and development. All other industries spend between 8% and 10%.

And last, despite what Democrats and Republicans tell us, Clean Coal is a myth. Coal use will kill us. And there is no technology available that will change that fact. Clean Coal is a slogan only and means nothing in the real world. And that is why it's a crime that power companies refuse to spend money on research and development. The money they save goes to pay larger dividends to stock holders

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  1. "Clean Coal" is a word that George W Bush made up.