Friday, March 6, 2009

This and That

Life goes on. I'm up a little bit later and I suppose that is a good thing. And it's colder outside; that might have made for better sleeping. The house is warm enough, 66 here in the study while it's 71 in the hallway; outside it's 34 and falling. The stove heats the family room best and that's where Boo the Cat has decided to make her headquarters this morning. I will have to run the fan for just a little while to distribute the heat to the rest of the house.

It appears that Facebook is evolving once again. There were some previews available yesterday and I like the look of them. The social networking phenomena is fascinating and I enjoy seeing how the users of it force the evolution. When it's complete, if it is ever is, I'm sure it will be a far different product than was envisioned by its creators.

I particularly like the global reach of social networks and hope that a portal between competing networks can be part of the mix. I really wouldn't want to see one network dominate; that would stifle the growth. But I do think it's necessary for the networks to be able to communicate, one with the other.

Here is a great link that will allow you to visualize the scope of social networking.

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