Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Clever

Life goes on. And I've started my day in the usual way. A cup of weak coffee with a dash of my current favorite, Coconut Crème creamer. Now I'm wondering where Boo the Cat is? She is so clever! And patient. She can keep hitting the locked cat door with her paw until it swings out toward her just enough for her to catch the edge of it. Then she slips her head through and she's gone. Yes, I saw her doing it one time.

I'm still reading Tear Down This Myth by Will Bunch. It's slow going but not because the subject is boring. Truth is, the subject (Ronald Reagan) fascinates me, but I find myself becoming very angry as I read the facts about his presidency and I have to put the book down for awhile. I can't recommend this book enough; it's factual and pertinent for today although his presidency took place twenty+ years ago.

Reagan said it himself, "facts are stubborn things…". And yet the Republican Party has ignored those facts and in some sort of odd but effective Orwellian plan, have kept repeating the same lies over the years until the 'blind' believe them and believe most fervently! We find it frustrating to watch. It's as if someone keeps repeating, black is white, black is white, black is white…over and over. Could it be true? Of course not, but millions now believe it because they heard it or read it. But they never looked for the facts behind the lies.

Our only consolation is the fact that we knew this about Reagan back when he was our governor. And it only became worse, much worse, when he was elected president. And although it feels good to say, 'we told you so' it doesn't erase the damage that Reagan caused. And we won't be truly happy until the day a sailor grabs a can of gray paint and a brush and then carefully and completely removes the Reagan name from that aircraft carrier we paid for.

Oops! There's Boo the Cat, banging on the window screen to tell me that she wants back in the house. I'll walk to the kitchen garage door and she will have raced back over the fence and across the patio and through the useless cat door to meet me there just as soon as I open it.

Link to the Will Bunch blog

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  1. I love the coconut creamer! Have you tried any of the Silk soy creamers? They are delicious as well!