Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday

No, I didn't get around to planting the tomatoes and that's something that should be done soon. But there are still some problems with the drip system that need to be fixed. Can I do the repairs, pain free? In the meantime, the plants are outside near the pool and the tall ones are secured to keep them from breaking off in the wind. And what is it about drip systems? I try to buy the best and still they fail. Planned obsolescence?

Hmmm? I thought I heard the wind so I went outside to see if the tomato plants were OK; they were and it wasn't windy at all. Must have been my imagination. And I have poured myself a third cup of decaf coffee. Surprise; it was easier than I thought to give up caffeine entirely.

Right now, I'm browsing the net and looking out the window at Venus, still shining on the eastern horizon. A horizon that is already silver. And Boo the Cat is out there somewhere; she was in for short time this morning, but insisted that she had things to do outside and so I let her go.

Since it is a lazy day, I guess I could cull the contents of my RSS feed reader. I find that I'm just not getting around to reading them all. They are very much like magazines that you subscribed to because they were so fascinating and then find yourself wondering, in about two years time, why you ever subscribed? It's about the same time you receive the first of many 'Last Chance' subscription renewal offers.

OK, back on topic…I have one folder, titled 'Politics' and there are 29 feeds in there…and I haven't opened the folder in a month. I have 43 feeds in a folder strangely titled 'Infrequent'. What? And now that I have taken the time to count, I see that I have way over 200 feeds! What am I thinking? I can't possibly handle that many thoughts/opinions in a day!


  1. Kitty1:25 PM

    Everything in moderation! Question....Why no caffeine?

  2. Good question. I decided (on my own) to see how life is without it. I'm taking enough chemicals anyway and I wondered if the efficacy of any of them would be compromised by the caffeine. Far fetched maybe, but it was something to do, so why not...I have plenty of time on my hands.

  3. I like it all to be a surprise and hence, no feeds for me!