Monday, April 20, 2009


Life goes on. And I'm having a difficult time with my 'cold turkey' approach in my plan to stop posting on my blogs. I stopped posting last Monday, the 13th, because I had such a bad attitude that morning and that may have been caused by the various meds that have become an important part of my life. Just the fact that I have to take meds at all is frustrating enough and then the side effects creep up on you and pretty soon you're not sure where the 'real you' went. And in the meantime, I keep finding things in the news and on other blogs that seem to be interesting enough for me to share…and for me that is what blogs are all about; sharing thoughts and ideas. But, without a blog to post those thoughts, what do I do with them? I'm frustrated!

So I have come up with a plan to renew my blogging life…I will post when I want and what I want; without a schedule. And I will try to be more diverse. Politics? Only some of the time. More real life.

For instance; today I saw the work of an artist (Brendan Flanagan) on the 'daily dose of imagery' site and was fascinated by the power of his work. I had spotted him once before but I hadn't gone down the trail to his website to see his work up close. Awesome! I wish I could feel free enough to do work like this. Obviously you need a large space to work in…and lots of old clothes.

And that reminded me of my favorite painter, El Greco. Born in 1614, he was at least 300 years before his time. No, it wasn't the old clothes that made me think of him, it was the power!

Daily dose of imagery

Brendan Flanagan (click on the mask)

El Greco



  1. Yippee, welcome back!!!

  2. It's your blog -- you can do whatever you want. I have fun posting whatever I feel like posting and writing about whatever I feel like writing about.