Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've been reading the Swine flu headlines and I see that panic is already setting in across the country. (Americans are pretty good at panic.) They say that pork prices will be dropping soon as people do their best to avoid anything 'piggy'. Restaurants will have specials on Tofu and Eggs. The people really should take the time to look at the numbers and not hide in the closet during this pandemic. Did you know that there are 36,000 deaths per year from the run of the mill flu? People die all of the time from the flu. And there are over 300 million people in our nation, so what are your chances of dying? Pretty slim. And Swine flu doesn't kill everyone who gets it; it's actually milder than some of the really feared influenza, such as Avian flu. And…flu season is almost over. In the meantime, I'm not kissing any pigs. Pass the bacon.

For info…just Google 'flu don't panic' and read the results

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