Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You are what you eat…

We have been searching for a great burger in our locale and have come up empty. I admit that we have different tastes than most when it comes to burgers. We have good taste. We want to sit down and be waited upon. It's a special occasion; why should we have to make our own dinner? And that's what happens at most burger places…you are handed a burger and bun and directed to a 'condiment' table, where wilted lettuce reigns supreme. Or, even worse, you have to read a menu that is longer than the Old Testament. Just give me your burger! Give it your best shot and if it's any good, I'll be back.

All of which reminded me of one of the best burger places I've ever been to…The Dutch Oven, in Boise, Idaho. Here's a quote from a site on the internet.

"The Dutch Oven has quite a burger; not only does it have excellent taste but you get to discuss WWII bombers and horse racing with the owner/cook. You can try to order something from the menu, but you better take the burger (served with fruit salad) that was thrown on the grill when you walked through the door."

There was no menu. He sold hamburgers and they always came with fruit salad. No fries. The only choice you had was which flavor of soft drink to have. And he really did put a burger on the range as soon as you walked in the door. It was your burger. He ground his own meat and made just enough patties for one day. He called them his 'bullets' and when he was out of 'bullets' he closed the door for the day. Sorry. See you tomorrow.

I guess we're stuck with In and Out Burger for awhile. They have a good hamburger, a minimum of choices and very few questions. 'Do you want onions?' (Of course I do! It's a hamburger isn't it?)

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