Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blogger jailed

for contempt in Smith case

Interesting story...and what I found to be a dangerous precedent was the fact that she was jailed because the judge 'thought' she was lying. Proof? Shouldn't that be a factor in his decision? Maybe he just had a bad morning and she's in jail because the coffeemaker didn't work? Who knows, maybe she was doesn't really matter; the fact remains that the judge simply decided that on his own and without any evidence. And that is scary!

Whatever...the bigger story here is the fact that the internet is not the free place it should be. And I suppose I should come up with some sort of disclaimer for my little piece of the internet. Or perhaps I can change the title from Projections to 'Simply an Opinion' and call it good.


  1. Kitty9:27 AM

    How come the likes of Rush Limbaugh can get away with it and in fact gain from their points of view?