Sunday, May 17, 2009


I opened up the home page of the Limbaugh Wire a few minutes ago and now I feel…unclean. I'm not going to include any link to the site; if you have to see it, you can Google it yourself. I know, I know…the site is exposing him to ridicule and probably should be seen and read. They are doing a public service, but I really can't read it for more than a minute or so before I start to feel, well…slimy. And that was certainly not the intention of those that created the site. They really want to punish him with his own words, but I can't stick around long enough for that to happen.

When I read the stuff on this site, I have to wonder what it is that attracts people to him? If you use any sort of critical thinking to make your way in this world, you would avoid him like the plague. Are there really that many people that have lost their way, intellectually? Or do people listen to him as some form of masochism? Like, reading People magazine when you really know better? OK, I admit I have done that. I'm not proud of it. But, in my defense, it was the only magazine in the waiting room. What was I to do?

Now, people who listen to Rush don't have that excuse. There are a gazillion other radio stations to listen to and tuning in to hear his spiel, just gives him credence that he does not deserve. C'mon folks, he's an entertainer and he's using you!


  1. They're called "Republicans" who listen to him. No wonder you don't like the site, I wouldn't either!

  2. Kitty8:26 AM

    I think it is more a case of people wanting to be part of a accepted as part of a group. The way Rush enthusiasts spew back his one liners and babble, tells you they aren't really thinking, but just want to be part of some group that calls themselves patriots. We have a former "friend" that is a big follower of the extreme right...and he is without a doubt the stupidest man we have met. But he thinks he is smart because he can recite back the ugly words he hears. It is really sad.

  3. Dotta111:03 AM

    I have a former something that listened to Rush every moment he could...ignorance is bliss and so is the fact that he's now a former something...oh...that sounds mean doesn't it??? But kinda good at the same time...I have a colleague at work that listens on his headset now as everyone else said they would quit if he kept playing it out loud...

  4. Ima, the site I mentioned isn't bad. They really are trying to mock Rush and they do a good's just that I have had it up to here with Rush and ANY mention of his name puts me in need of a shower.

    It is sad, Kitty. They have no idea that they are being used!

    Denise, mean? Nah! Colleague at work? I'm wondering?

  5. Steven, me, too. Can't stand to look at him or listen to him OR George W Bush.....they both make me sick! Oh, and Cheney, the evilest of them all....ugh.

  6. I first heard Rush Limbaush on the radio over 20 years ago. I quickly came to the conclusion that his appeal is mostly to the bigoted and uneducated. I am very surprised at the size of his following today.