Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Old-er

I was reading the daily post from Time Goes By today and found myself in agreement with Ronni Bennett. The topic was ageism and how we, as elders, perceive it and even practice it. Yes, we are sometimes guilty of discriminating against our fellow elders. We may try to deny it, but we are influenced by the culture that surrounds us and so we have to make a conscious effort to deny ageism a place in our thoughts.

As for me; I am guilty of being frustrated by 'old' people and I even use that word. When the truth is…those people were 'old' when they were thirty. They have always been 'old'. We really need to find a better word to use to describe people who resist change at all costs. Narrow minded people. I know it would be easy to simply call them Republicans, but that wouldn't be fair either.

I'm old and I am proud of the fact that I am an elder. But I'm not 'old'. See the difference? This is why we need a different word for those who are stereotyped as 'old'. I'm thinking…

Link to Time Goes By


  1. I'm voting for calling them Republicans, yes, most definitely Republicans.

  2. That sounds like a majority to me...OK, we'll call them Republicans.