Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was thinking of Rush Limbaugh (Why? Because I was reading a post from Citizen K.) and the revelation came to me; the reason he says the most ridiculous and inane things is because he isn't talking to you or I. He's talking to his audience, the judgmental non-thinkers, and that's why it sounds so strange to those of us that employ critical thinking in our everyday lives. And that audience eats it up! He feeds them the exact kind of swill they love so that they will come back each day and support his immense ego. None of his blathering was ever intended for our consumption and to listen to it is like listening to a private conversation.

The audience? Well, if I understand the figures correctly, it is right around the 20 million mark. That's 20 million out of a possible…say, 200 million? That's 10% and that means 90% are not listening to him! Whew! I feel better already. But…if his audience ever gets to 20% or 30%, then we know that our education system has failed us completely.

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  1. wasn't that the most idiotic thing that Rushbo said (that Citizen K posted)? I mean, really!!!! Enough already. Rushbo is outa his mind!