Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm reading The Prosecutors: A Year in the Life of a District Attorney's Office by Gary Delsohn. A most scary book. It's all about the DA's office in Sacramento and the cases seen and prosecuted during the year 2001. It was the Sacramento part that drew me in as we lived there during those years and the cases were already familiar to me from my reading the local paper; the Sacramento Bee. Unfortunately, the book reveals more about the District Attorney's office than I may have ever wanted to know. These are not the kind of people you would want to see in your living room; foul mouthed and evil minded. And I'm talking about the District Attorney and her deputy DA's here, not the criminals. All of these years, I have believed that DA's were focused on justice and the righting of wrongs. Not even close. It's all about their egos. They would prosecute a rock if it would add to their 'win' column. And the law enforcement types that they work with are revealed to be just as dumb as the rest of us... and the criminals. The Public Defender's office doesn't come off any better here either. They are revealed to be as criminally minded as their clients, except for the fact that they wear better clothes and get to go home at night. And of course we, the taxpayer, get to pay for both the prosecution and the defense. I rest my case.

(You know, I'm surprised the author wasn't prosecuted…for something. Anything. If not, I would bet that he's very careful about how he drives around town; he wouldn't want to get pulled over for a minor traffic violation. He might get twenty years to life for a broken taillight.)

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