Saturday, June 6, 2009

From the AP

Sotomayor's objectivity on bench is key question

As usual, I'm at a loss for words when I read the Republicans thoughts on 'objectivity'. We pay these people to represent us?

Let it be said, once and for all...there are no objective judges, never have been and never will be; all judicial decisions are colored by subjectivity. That's what life is all about! We are always subjective and probably even more so when we are loudly proclaiming our so-called objectivity. I'm sorry, but only machines can truly be objective.

Senator Sessions said this...

"if a judge is allowed to let his or her feelings for one party in the case sway his decision, hasn't that judge then demonstrated a bias against the other party?"

"Although we sometimes take our heritage of neutral and independent judiciary for granted, the truth is, this great tradition is under attack," he said.

Sessions said Americans should follow the confirmation process closely and ask what kind of judge they would want in court."

Can the Senator truthfully say that Thomas, Scalia and Roberts are independent and objective? Oh, please! They are conservatives and that means that their decisions are always colored by that conservatism. Well, I know what kind of judge I want, an empathetic one and a liberal one.

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  1. "Judicial activism" is a right-wing catch phrase for judges who make rulings that they don't like. As for Jeff Sessions, he never saw a minority that he liked or supported legislatively in any way. And yet he's a former judge.