Friday, June 5, 2009

From Time Goes By

Guest Blogger Elaine Frankonis: Easing Into Death:

"According to a 1999 Gallup poll, 73% of Americans are in favor of 'making marijuana legally available for doctors to prescribe in order to reduce pain and suffering."

12 states allow it. 38 don't. How cruel...

As one reader commented here, "Given all the other legal medications doctors can prescribe I've always had difficulty understanding the justification for excluding marijuana. There are benefits and negatives associated with all our meds, but we're allowed to use them."

Is it because the powers that be are simply too embarrassed to admit that they are wrong about marijuana?

The debate goes on... and this is a well reasoned post for you to read.

(Some statistics if you are interested in what happened to a lot of your tax dollars…the ones you wanted to see used for schools, etc. Link)


  1. not to mention all the people in jail because of pot! That's just insane when we have so many DANGEROUS drugs out there, and murderers and rapists and the list goes on and on, Meanwhile pot users keep getting sent to jail? What's wrong with this picture?? I say, make it legal!

  2. Yes. The whole 'War on Drugs' has been a pack of lies from the very beginning...