Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Give…

It's one of those mornings where I'm sure that I should have remained in bed – for the day. The news is so depressing. It's really no different from yesterday's news and that may be exactly why it is so depressing. It doesn't seem to change a lot. The same liars lie and the same believers believe those lies. Doesn't anyone do any research? Doesn't anyone read?

I'm thinking right now about the crisis that is named 'California'. And the push to rid the state of the foolishness of Proposition 13. But wait, I voted for Prop 13 and for good reason. Legislators at that time regarded the property tax as an open source for any and all funding. Need more money? Raise the property tax! It was a well that never ran dry and the only way the voters could save their homes was by putting up a fence around the well. Did the voters say that they were opposed to all taxation when they passed Prop 13? I know I didn't…I wanted the legislators to find another source. Such as closing some of the loopholes that have allowed so many corporations to avoid any taxes at all. (They still do) That seemed like a good plan. And it still does. But instead we were hammered by the government, punished for our rebellion by depriving us of services and telling us it was all our fault because we had passed Prop 13. And today, it the same old story. It's the voters fault once again and this time I may agree… the voters elected the bozos that reside in Sacramento and suck us dry.

But, I have a plan. As soon as the housing market improves, and it will…we will sell the house and move. We'll do some research before we move, of course. I do like the idea of Santa Fe, New Mexico and maybe Prescott, Arizona. Hawaii beckons…maybe some small place on the Big Island. I'm thinking not too far from Hilo. There are no resorts to speak of in Hilo and the people are friendly. They have a marvelous Farmer's market every weekend. Yes, it rains more than we're accustomed to. That's one of the reasons why the resorts are on the opposite coast of the island. I like it!

But, health care is an issue that we need to think about when planning a move to anywhere at all. And isn't that a shame? With a national health care plan, a single payer plan, it wouldn't matter where you lived. The amount you paid would remain the same. OK, there would be some concerns; you do have to make sure that there isn't a shortage of doctors in the area you wish to move to. But any of the doctors, no matter where you lived, would have to care for you. Isn't that what doctors are supposed to do?

Health care reform. What a joke that is turning out to be. The majority of the people want a single payer system, similar to Medicare – which works, and yet the legislators yammer on about how that is just another name for 'Socialism' and do their best to ignore what we want.

Socialism is the 'Communism' of the 21st century. As if socialism was something to be dreaded. It's not. We've had socialism in this country ever since we funded the Continental Army with our taxes and that was back in the 18th century. All taxation represents socialism. Duh! And we tax ourselves for the common good. Another Duh! So where's the evil?

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