Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why California

can't be governed - Los Angeles Times

It is definitely time for a change and it may not be in time. But to suggest that Prop 13 is to blame in any way for this debacle is to ignore the fact that Prop 13 was passed for only one reason, to keep the lawmakers from their unending raids on the property tax. You might notice that no one has ever suggested that corporations doing business in California start paying their fair share. That could have solved a lot of the problems, but instead, those in power wanted to punish the taxpayer for daring to stand up for their rights. And we were punished, year after year after year.

And it's only fitting that a third rate actor is in charge of the state during this crisis. The last time we had a major disaster in government, we had another third rate actor in charge. We really need to start looking at qualifications! And stop voting for whoever is on the cover of People magazine...

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  1. As a native Californian, I agree with you. I left CA from 1994-2003 and came back to such a mess.

    I've heard people blame Prop 13, too, and have disagreed.