Friday, July 3, 2009

The Internet isn't tax-free ?

It should be!

I have a major disagreement with the writer. Truth is, I don't mind paying a Sales tax in my state and if the internet store has a presence in California, I pay it. But it's the Use tax that I have a problem with. In theory, if I buy anything out of state, I'm liable for the Use tax on it. Even if I got in my car and drove to Nevada or Arizona to shop and didn't use the internet, everything I brought back with me would be taxable. A Use tax. A new car, maybe some groceries, a magazine and even a candy bar. The state wants me to pay a tax on it when I return. And if in-state retailers have a problem with internet vendors stealing their customers, it's because they aren't being very smart in their approach to customers. I enjoy being able to shop and touch the merchandise. But when the store opens at 10 in the morning and the stock is limited and the clerks are rude...the internet is very attractive! You want customers? You have to prove it!

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