Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ugly Pigs

I'm feeling particularly vindictive this morning. The cretins calling themselves the California Legislature have concluded the budget process months late and billions of dollars out of whack with reality. First things first. This impossible budget did not come about because of Prop 13 or some other failure of the citizens of state. Legislators have done it all and there is no denying it. Yet they will deny it. Well, it's time for them to go and it's time for a new state constitution. A constitution that mandates that the legislature work part time. Texas, our rival for years, does it that way and do you see a financial meltdown in that state? It makes sense; the fewer days that a legislator is faced with the temptation to fiddle with what works, the better off we will all be. And during those off times, the legislator will be forced to associate with the common folks that elected him or her to the office. Might even listen to them!!

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