Sunday, August 16, 2009

Healthcare rationing?

: Real scary -- a piece by Newt Gingrinch -

Yes, I added the question mark in the title above. Because, as he is forced to admit...there is no rationing in the proposed bills. Then he uses conjecture and 'facts' without any validity. for instance, he says that medicare will be bankrupt within ten years. "Consider Medicare, which is projected to go broke within the decade." Who projected it? Newt? He provides no evidence to support that claim because there is none. On and on it goes, one rumor after another purporting to be fact.

Here is what I think is the real danger we are seeing; where are the younger supporters for universal health care? I already have my health care, Medicare, and it works. And I paid for it by working for the past 48 years. And some of that time I was working to support others who weren't lucky enough to have full time jobs or maybe no job at all. That is what societies are supposed to do. If we don't take care of each other, what kind of society is that?...

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