Monday, August 3, 2009


I usually avoid reading the comments on blogs that allow Anonymous posting, but every once in awhile I get curious about what someone might be saying and so I wandered into an Alaskan blog and after enjoying the post, I began to read the comments. I was rewarded! For someone used the phrase 'Miss Quittypants' to describe you know who. It was perfect! Then, I decided to see what Google would make of the name. I Googled it and there it was, down at the bottom of the first page. It was seen mostly on Alaskan blogs and I even found a swell variation; 'Buttercup Quittypants'. You have to like that! Anyway, I'm just trying to spread it around in the lower 48. Doing my little bit. Alaska shouldn't keep it to themselves, it wouldn't be fair.

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