Monday, September 21, 2009


The day starts with this piece of news, "The top military commander in Afghanistan warns in a classified assessment of the war there that he needs
additional troops within the next year or else the conflict "will likely result in failure.""

Does any of that sound familiar? I heard it in the 60's and 70's and so it's very clear to me as to the meaning. What it is, is an advance warning of what will be a total failure on our part and the death of thousands of innocents. Afghans and Americans. Very much like what the Soviets experienced when they tried to subdue Afghanistan. In fact, it's exactly the same. Eerie.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear a top administrator say, "We need more books and teachers in Afghanistan. We are getting close to winning the war on poverty there and it will only take a few more million to build colleges and fund new co-ops." But that won't happen, there's too much money to be made from bombs and very little profit in books.

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