Monday, September 14, 2009

Just recently

I heard, first hand, of a discussion among some local citizens and the discussion centered around the question of whether or not you should trust and obey your government. What scared me, when I heard the responses was that all, except for my lovely wife, were of the opinion that government knew best and should be trusted. What? I simply do not understand their reasoning. First, we have already established, without any doubt, all government officials are quite likely to be liars. President's lie. Yes, they do…and it goes downhill from there. Even Reagan, a terrible liar himself (you could almost see his nose growing), said 'Trust-but verify'. My lovely wife asked the group if they thought Rosa Parks had done something wrong by defying the government? Confusion reigned.

I'm sorry to say, it's actually your patriotic duty to be skeptical of government and what they tell you to do. Governments needs to be tested at all levels and at all times. Complacency breeds disaster.

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