Monday, September 7, 2009

Life on the lake

A while ago, perhaps six month ago, my sister decided that 2009 would be a great year for a family reunion and so she went to work on the planning. This is a small family, less than twenty people at the present time but growing; even so, the logistics were challenging. The family is split geographically between Arizona, S. California and N. California. Most members have jobs and free time was minimal. We were the only retired couple and basically free for any schedule.

Short story, she did most of the organizing work before handing off shopping and cooking chores to volunteers and now we are all gathered together in one large house at Lake Tahoe. A 9-bedroom and 7-bath house at the north end of the lake. Truth is, only a few couldn't make it, but most are here and that's quite an accomplishment. Thanks, Kitty!

So here I sit, early in the morning, overlooking a very black lake that will turn a splendid shade of blue in just a few hours. The air is clean and clear and it has a hint of fall in it. Our family lies asleep all around me. I have a cup of coffee and a super fast wireless internet connection. Life is good.

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