Friday, September 11, 2009


It looks like the health reform bill we need is going to be watered down and starved until there is little left to support…unless you are an insurance company. They will love it! Sure, I'm still writing to my Senators and to my idiot congressman, Wally Buffoon. I've heard back from one Senator so far and hope is fading for the rest. Wally Buffoon has even stopped sending me his form letters, does that mean he doesn't love me anymore? Whatever…hope fades.

So many people say that we can't afford to have a single payer option or even the public option. But that's not true. It's a lie. A very minor adjustment to the withholding tax rates (the cut off amount) would provide the money needed. And if they were really the concerned lawmakers that they say they are, they would be going after the obvious; over 70% of all corporations, foreign and domestic, pay no tax at all. None. Zero. Taxes are for peasants to pay. I saw it happen with the company I retired from. Some expeditious changes in the corporate structure and suddenly they were tax free! $6 million dollars in yearly taxes were suddenly the responsibility of the public sector. You and me. The peasants.

Of course all of this makes me very angry with the 'Fourth Estate', the so-called free press. These are the ones that should be calling out the liars and rubbing their noses in it. It used to be their job. It's what they went to journalism school for. Now it's a less than cohesive band of bloggers that are ferreting out the truth and what can they do with it? Sure they publish it on their blogs, but who reads it? Other bloggers. The sad fact is, the majority of the citizens are computer ignorant and they like it that way. They get their news from bobble heads on the 6 O'clock news and they believe every word they hear. They don't even want to verify what they have just been told. Doesn't anyone question anymore?

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