Saturday, September 12, 2009

With Its Prisons Dangerously Full...

Why Is California Fighting for Custody of a Dying Prisoner Across the Country?

Ya know, I have to get out of this state before I'm crazy...
Is there a sane place anywhere in these United States? A place where intelligent people might gather to discuss and ponder those things that make up 'life'?


  1. I moved from California years ago to escape the smog and craziness. I breathe fresh air and drink clean water, and I've been able to make a good living. But, I am a radical middle of the roader amongst willfully mis-informed conservatives who think Obama is a socialist Muslim bent on turning our country into a communist state. My grand daughter's classmates tell her that he kills babies. I quit church because Southern Baptists believe the Republican party is God's agency for social order. I can only find like-minded thinkers on the internet.

  2. I understand completely. As we live in a dangerously red county here in the State of Denial, formerly known as california, we have heard the same things.

    I like that phrase, 'willfully mis-informed'. That describes it perfectly.