Monday, October 5, 2009


Here we go again. Another day in paradise. No, that's not true, Paradise is small community 40 miles east of us. Anyway, back to our own 'paradise', if somebody offered us the right amount for this place, we would be out of here in a minute. The majority of the people in this county are Republicans, conservatives, non-thinkers, anti-intellectuals and afraid of any change. All the smart children leave the community as soon as they graduate and never come back. Truly, these are the people we need to be afraid of in this country, not terrorists.

I never know how I will feel when I wake up and this morning it was time for a Norco immediately. No waiting. Do it now. That's not a good harbinger for the day. So now I sit here in a narcotic haze but the pain is forgotten for the moment. The pain is not gone and that's because it is nerve pain and it never goes away, but forgotten is always a good thing. Yesterday, it was close to five hours after I awoke before I needed the first Norco. What's different? What caused the early pain this morning? Who knows. I never know and I always do the same thing, day after day. It must be written in the stars, perhaps I should use my Magic Eight Ball before I even get out of bed.

Looking back at what I have typed, it seems that I'm just a tad pessimistic this morning. Well, at seven this morning I will take my handful of prescribed pills and in there, amongst all of the other pills, are my antidepressants. Half an hour later and all will be rosy again and I will take the 'For Sale' sign down. Or not.

Believe it or not, I haven't even read the headlines, yet my pessimism hangs over me like a cloud. That's probably because I already know what the headlines say. (Loud sigh) Imagine how pessimistic I would be if I watched television! Yikes! Those 'talking heads' should drive us all crazy, but sadly they don't. Some people actually believe what they hear from the lips of those bozos. I know…it's weird; why would they believe them? Didn't they go to school? Ah! Perhaps that's the problem…they did go to school. And 'critical thinking' is not in the curriculum. Never has been. Apparently we all want good little boys and girls and good little boys and girls don't ask questions in school. I was not a good little boy.

That's enough venting for the day. Thank heavens we have blogs! Otherwise we would just hold all of this stuff in until we exploded and that would be messy.

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