Wednesday, November 25, 2009

At the lake...

We drove up yesterday and the day couldn't have been prettier. A smooth and ice free road for all except the last quarter mile and that wasn't bad at all. A great trip. For me. I'm not driving because of all the interesting drugs I take. Anyway, we arrived and made our way slowly across the slippery sections of the path to the cabin. Once inside, a grand vista of the lake dominates the living room. Sweet! I quickly found a chair to ease my aches and one that would let me view the lake.

The lake? It's Lake Almanor and the cabin is located near Prattville, a name I love. And we're going to be here for the holiday and beyond for a day. Then back down the mountain to face reality.

But, while I'm here, I'm enjoying great connectivity and I get to watch the world on my netbook. And I can comment and post to my blog anytime. I love it!

(sorry...I stole the image, but only because it's dark outside and my camera can't take pics in the dark)


  1. Kitty6:49 AM

    Very nice and peaceful. Wish we were there to enjoy it with you. Please say Hi to everyone from us. Have a great day and delicious holiday meal

  2. Oh, and kudos to Grandma for making the drive! See you tomorrow! Enjoy another beautiful day at the lake!

  3. Have you read "The Lake Almanor Story"? It's written by the Lassen County Historian. I use to work with him occasionally at the County Clerk's office, and he always seems to find the juicy stories! It's a good one!