Tuesday, November 24, 2009


During the past two days I was lured into participating a Facebook fracas. Well, lured isn't the right word, I was eager to join in. It seemed that a Friend of a Friend made some disparaging remarks concerning those of us who had agreed with a disparaging review of Sarah Quittypants latest fiction novel, Going Rogue. Of course I had to respond. And then my sister, also a good Liberal, joined in plus some other good Liberals that I didn't know but were Friends. After one or more of these exchanges, the Friend of a Friend, from now on known as the Evil One, began to become quite upset and started using the ALL CAPS method of shouting at us as the fracas moved from Mrs. Quittypants to our President and the Democratic Party in general. It turned out that the Evil One actually believed every single word uttered on Fox News and had never heard of NPR. He also believed the 'Birthers' and their wacky claims. The list of things that he believed was overwhelming. And funny if he hadn't been serious. I had never met one of these people before, on-line or in person, so it was startling to read what he was saying.

Okay, I'm convinced, these people do exist. They have no knowledge of history. They exist in the 'now'. They are easily led by anyone with a cause…say Glenn Beck? They will not listen to reason. The fact that they vote is scary. Shouldn't you have to have some knowledge of how our government operates before you vote? Okay, that's dangerous territory, I will move away from the voting statements. But I still believe them.

Anyway, I'm not going to get into any more Facebook discussions that go beyond 10 comments. The Evil One could be lurking…


  1. Now, why couldn't you just get your enjoyment from playing Farmville or something?! Just kidding... You should look up the Saturday Night Live episode with Taylor Swift - the beginning scene was a hilarious skit about FOX News. AND - great news - my cousin, Kate Sheehy is working for a NPR affiliate in D.C. Look up her work, she just had a report recently. So proud :)

  2. I will do that...

    Kate Sheehy? Sounds like you ought to be proud! I'll look her up.