Monday, November 9, 2009

I shouldn't read...

All it does is make me want to vomit. I'm reading the comments of the republican Senators (And a few Democrats) as they prepare to do battle against the American people and all I see behind their words are the millions of dollars spent by the health insurance companies to make certain the battle goes their way. I don't see some high moral purpose in their stand; I only see dollars.
As bad as the House bill is, loaded with republican garbage, I am still hoping that the Senate can make it a better bill. But at this hour, it seems a distant hope.
I guess I am just naive, but I simply don't understand how a modern day industrialized nation such as ours can NOT make certain that all of their citizens are covered by adequate health care. We were once a leader among the industrialized nations. Now we are not. And all of those other nations are able to take care of all of their citizens and spend even less money than we do taking care of fewer of our citizens. Why doesn't anyone answer that question?
And this; I read one sniveling note that said "health care is not a right". What? Are we that far gone into depravity that we can even consider such a notion? Of course it's a right! I could go on and on citing chapter and verse that shows just how greedy we have become as a nation. But why? It only makes me mad and it doesn't seem to make a lot of difference.

For more information on how the rest of the world takes care of their citizens, here's a link...


  1. Get or borrow a dog. Go to a dogpark. Enjoy mindless fun.

    Some days other people's bad behaviour is just a major pain in the butt, you need an antidote.

    I find it very ironic in the extreme that there are people out there who think that the pursuit of happiness is a right, and basic healthcare is not.

  2. Thanks Anne...

    I do have my cat and though small, she helps me to understand the human condition. We're not that far from being cats (and dogs) ourselves.